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Our website includes “Special Reports” and news, based on the latest biomedical and biotechnological research findings from the world’s top medical and scientific journals. A multidisciplinary editor staff gives a medical and personalistic bioethical assessment. It is also a dynamic means of communication with our readers to reflect on these issues.

Mitochondrial replacement. New findings on mitochondrial DNA call into question further advances

This study shows that the mtDNA variant in the individual [...]

Sperm quality depends on age and it is an important risk factor when fatherhood is increasingly delayed

Recent data from molecular genetics and epidemiology provide evidence that [...]

The UK HIV infection figures remain high despite recent falling in mortality rates

The incidence of HIV infection fell between 1990 and 2013. [...]

Potential application of organoids that mimic different organs

In 2011, almost incidentally, Madeline Lancaster of the Institute of [...]

Assisted reproduction: Do pregnancies achieved following assisted reproduction techniques have more risks?

One medical and ethical aspect of assisted reproduction that should be [...]

Contraceptives. Latest findings on their efficacy

Aside from the ethical and moral issues that accompany the [...]

Is it ethically admissible that almost half of HIV-positive patients do not have access to treatment?

As reported in the medical journal The Lancet, more than [...]