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Our website includes “Special Reports” and news, based on the latest biomedical and biotechnological research findings from the world’s top medical and scientific journals. A multidisciplinary editor staff gives a medical and personalistic bioethical assessment. It is also a dynamic means of communication with our readers to reflect on these issues.

Public funds authorised for production of human-animal chimeras

In September 2005, the dedication of public financial aid by [...]

Rules for regulating genome editing – particularly gene drive

The dynamic field of research into gene editing provides an [...]

World’s first face transplant recipient dies. Time to reconsider the ethics of this practice

It seems that in the light of what happened to [...]

CRISPR veterinary (genome editing) to attempt to halt a serious porcine disease

CRISPR veterinary applied to prevent the spread of a serious [...]

Cloned animals. Confirmation that cloned sheep can live a long healthy life

After the cloning of Dolly the sheep (the first cloned [...]

Bone marrow stem cells for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Surprising results

A recent study published in the The Lancet has shown [...]

Assisted suicide in children defended by UNICEF before the Canadian Senate

The Canadian government has legalised euthanasia and assisted suicide. The [...]

Transsexuality diagnosis and treatment. Medical and psychiatric findings

'The only thing that has been achieved so far is [...]