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Our website includes “Special Reports” and news, based on the latest biomedical and biotechnological research findings from the world’s top medical and scientific journals. A multidisciplinary editor staff gives a medical and personalistic bioethical assessment. It is also a dynamic means of communication with our readers to reflect on these issues.

Latest global abortion figures suggest measures to prevent them and make known their true meaning

Knowing the incidence of abortion in different parts of the [...]

Older women pregnancy by assisted reproduction techniques, medical and ethical approach

Advanced reproductive age is a risk factor for women's fertility, [...]

Human papilloma virus vaccination. Should it be made more widely available?

Respect the will of the parents if the child is [...]

Nepal, the Mecca for assisted reproduction techniques also bans surrogacy industry

The supreme court of justice in Nepal has decided to [...]

Cell therapy clinics questioned. Technical and ethical aptitude of clincs in North America

Today in the United States there are 350 cell therapy centres [...]

Withdrawing life support in patients in permament vegetative state. Is it ethical?

One major ethical issue is to determine whether artificial nutrition [...]

Regenerative medicine. A review of current findings from an ethical perspective

The field of action of regenerative medicine (RM) is growing [...]