First genetically modified babies case in China. Bioethical approach after latest offical investigations

After the statement from Chinese geneticist Jiankui He that he [...]

US authorizes the use of CRISPR directly in the patient’s body, until now the trials was made in cells extracted of the patient

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Large-scale genetic studies do not include a racially and ethnically diverse population that greatly affects global health

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Single-cell sequencing tool opens up promising possibilities in life cycle and biomedical research

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Same-sex parents produced in mammals. Mouse pups obtained from “exclusively” male or female pairs

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Legal aspects to take into account in the case of genetically modified babies in China

INTRODUCTION The news has come to light in numerous media: [...]

Scientific institutions are trying to devise global safeguards to stop rogue gene-editing of human embryos

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CRISPR-mediated therapeutic editing corrects a genetic disease in mice’s fetuses. May it pave way in humans?

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“Gene-edited babies” in China. What has said the coinventor of CRISPR technique, Jennifer Doudna?

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