Maternal foetal dialogue. Cross to the mother via the placenta and affect her physiological functions

 This physiological mechanism is only just beginning to be understood In a previous article, we referred to the maternal foetal dialogue in the genomic area (See HERE). It is now known (BioEssays 37; 1106-1118,2015) that foetal cells, which can cross to the mother via the...

Genetic selection of embryos: a technique that is clearly eugenic

Just 35 years ago, the world witnessed the birth of Louise Brown, the first test-tube baby. At the beginning of this month, just a few days before the anniversary of this event, a team at the University of Oxford announced at the European Society of Human Reproduction and...
Posted On 17 Jan 2016
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Physicians’ bioethics positions in USA and Europe

They change for the worst. A recent survey about physicians’ bioethics position held by doctors in particualr cases (Medscape Ethics Report 2014, Part 1: Life, Death, and Pain. December 16, 2014.) features the opinions of American and European physicians on the ethical...
Posted On 06 Jul 2015
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A Chinese metha analysis showed relationship between induced abortion and breast cancer confirmed

A significant relationship between induced abortions and the risk of breast cancer. A meta-analysis (Cancer Causes and Control, DOI.10.1007/sl0552-013.0325-7), has revealed a link between breast cancer and abortion. The Chinese study made use of data from 14 Chinese provinces....
Posted On 03 May 2014
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Embryo reduction, common practice in HIV techniques. Healthy fetuses elimination to “solve” the problem of multiple pregnancies

“We believe that even a single fetal reduction is ethically questionable and that the practice should not be in use at all” One of the main consequences of the use of In Vitro Fertilization is the significant increase in multiple pregnancies; however, this can also be...
Posted On 01 Apr 2014
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